Special grade enterprise of general contracting of building engineering construction. It is a modern construction group integrating investment and development,
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Dejian Group Recruitment Brochure for 2019

Dejian Group Recruitment Brochure for 2019

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(Summary description)Shandong Dejian Group Co., Ltd., a national construction engineering general contracting super-class enterprise, municipal public engineering construction general contracting first-class enterprise, and architectural engineering design class-A enterprise.

Dejian Group Recruitment Brochure for 2019

(Summary description)Shandong Dejian Group Co., Ltd., a national construction engineering general contracting super-class enterprise, municipal public engineering construction general contracting first-class enterprise, and architectural engineering design class-A enterprise.

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  • Time of issue:2020-02-20
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Shandong Dejian Group Co., Ltd. 2019 recruitment brochure


Shandong Dejian Group Co., Ltd., a national construction engineering general contracting super-class enterprise, municipal public engineering construction general contracting first-class enterprise, and architectural engineering design class-A enterprise. In 2015 and 2016, it was rated as one of China's top 200 competitive enterprises in the construction industry for two consecutive years. In 2017, it ranked among ENR's 250 largest international contractors and ENR's top 225 engineering design companies.

Dejian Group was established in 1953 as a local state-owned enterprise. The group has more than 30 branches (subsidiaries), registered capital of 520 million yuan, total assets of more than 6 billion yuan, has more than 3,000 engineering and economic management personnel, and has passed the "ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001" international management system Certification, with international engineering contracting and labor service export rights and national foreign aid project general contracting enterprise qualification, business covers domestic construction, international engineering trade, construction technology, capital operation, private capital management five major sectors. The business covers most of the provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in the country, and has branches in more than 10 countries in Asia, Africa and the European Union. It has contributed thousands of "quality, safety, humanity and environmental protection" construction products to the society and created the Luban Award. , National Quality Engineering Award, National Architectural Decoration Award and more than 200 high-quality projects, editor-in-chief and participation in 15 industry standards, won more than 30 national patents.

1. Recruitment positions and professions


Demand position Job Introduction Job requirements
Design and R&D Mainly engaged in related design work such as architectural drawing, drawing review, scheme demonstration review, and worked in the design institute. Majors in architecture, urban and rural planning, garden and landscape. Requires familiarity with related design software.
Technology R&D Mainly engaged in research and development of prefabricated building systems, BIM technology promotion and application, construction technology process research and development, etc. Architecture, structural engineering, building electrical and intelligent, electrical engineering and automation, construction and civil engineering, civil engineering and other similar majors.
Engineering Technology Mainly engaged in civil engineering, installation, decoration engineering construction technology management, process supervision, quality inspection and other related technical work.  Surveying and Mapping Engineering, Traffic Engineering, Road and Bridge Engineering, Urban Underground Space, Civil Engineering, Engineering Management, Electrical Engineering and Automation, Municipal Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Intelligent Building Electrical, Building Environment and Equipment Engineering, Water Supply and Drainage, Thermal Energy and Power Engineering, architectural decoration.
Engineering cost Mainly engaged in engineering budget and settlement, bidding and other work. Engineering cost, engineering management, water supply and drainage and other majors. It is required to be proficient in using relevant budget software.
International Engineering Mainly engaged in the construction technology, project budget and project management of foreign-related engineering projects. Civil engineering, engineering management, engineering cost, road and bridge, water supply and drainage, electrical engineering and other majors. Requires a certain foreign language foundation and volunteers to go abroad. 
Experimental quality inspection Engaged in manufacturing and technical experiment of concrete and related products; engaged in engineering quality inspection. Building materials, materials science and engineering, construction engineering technology, civil engineering and other related majors.
Security management Mainly engaged in production safety management at the construction site or plant area, including the formulation of safe construction plans, the development of safety education, safety accident handling, safety protection, supervision and inspection. Major in safety engineering, construction engineering technology, mechanical engineering, engineering management, mechatronics, etc.
Mechanical and electrical machinery Mainly engaged in on-site electromechanical, mechanical equipment maintenance, on-site wiring layout and other related work. Mechatronics, mechanical engineering and other related majors.
Material Management Mainly engaged in the procurement, storage, use, cost accounting and mathematical statistics of materials and equipment on the construction site. Building materials, materials science and engineering, mechanical design and manufacturing, inorganic non-metallic materials, engineering management, engineering cost, civil engineering and other majors.
Property management Mainly engaged in property management of public construction and civil construction. Majors in property management, human resource management, and administrative management.
Finance Mainly engaged in cashier, accounting, tax management, cost management, investment and financing, capital operation, etc.; engaged in enterprise audit work. Economics, investment, accounting, auditing, financial management, finance, taxation, finance.
Administrative personnel Mainly engaged in human resources management, secretarial and administrative logistics. Human resource management, business management, law and related majors, etc., require certain writing skills.
Legal Management Post Mainly engaged in reviewing contracts to avoid risks; assisting in reviewing the company's major rules and regulations; being responsible for company response and litigation. Law related majors.


2. Recruitment conditions:

1. Nationally recruited fresh graduates who have both good academic and professional skills, and who can obtain the graduation (degree) certificate as scheduled;

2. Love the construction industry, identify with the German construction culture, be loyal and trustworthy, obey the distribution, and learn well;

3. Good health, hard work, strong teamwork, innovation and adaptability;

4. Students from Shandong Province, student cadres, outstanding academic performance, outstanding performance in school (with one of the above conditions) are preferred.

3. Recruitment process:

1) Participate in the on-site job fair

Attend the lecture—deliver resumes—screen resumes—interview (onsite)—signing notice—online signing

2) Post your resume online

Submit Resume-Screen Resume-Telephone Invitation-Confirm Interview-Notification Signing-Online Signing

Fourth, the signing process: universities in the province: submit resumes to the Shandong College Graduate Employment Information Network → call the Human Resources Department → the Human Resources Department to send "signing invitations" → click "Apply" → send the employment agreement to the school. Colleges and universities outside the province: Mail the "employment agreement" issued by the school to the human resources department to go through the relevant procedures.

V. Salary and treatment: To ensure that the income of employees is at the local high-end level, establish a high-paying zone for senior talents and a special-paying zone for special talents, with a probation period of three months. Enjoy six social insurances including pension, medical treatment, work injury, childbirth, unemployment, large amount of medical insurance and housing provident fund, enjoy other welfare treatment, and go through relevant procedures such as file and settlement.

6. Development platform: The three layouts of "local domestic and foreign" and the two major industries of "construction industry and capital operation" provide a broad platform for talent growth and success.

7. Management system: Basing on talents is the basic positioning of the first resource for enterprise development, and has established a standardized salary performance system, training and training mechanism and career development channel.

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