Special grade enterprise of general contracting of building engineering construction. It is a modern construction group integrating investment and development,
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Development path

Hardworking and Enterprising(1953-1978) 

Under the planned economy condition, the majority of cadres and employees pioneered an enterprise with painstaking efforts to construct a large number of industrial and civil construction projects represented by the four major buildings in Dezhou City in early years of the new nation. They have made great contributions to the urban and rural construction in Dezhou, contributed due strength to the construction of the new China with a thousand things wait to be done, accumulated valuable equipment and talent resources, formed a good corporate gene, and laid the scale and foundation of the company.


The Xingde Civil Construction Factory in Dezhou District and the Dezhou Enterprise Company Civil Construction Factory formally merged to form Dezhou Construction Engineering Company.


Dezhou Construction Engineering Company changed its name to Dezhou Construction Engineering Company.


The Dezhou Urban Construction Bureau and the Dezhou Construction Engineering Company merged to form the Dezhou Construction Authority, merging government administration with enterprise management. The company contracted to build four landmark buildings dedicated to the the 10th anniversary of the founding of new China.


Dezhou Construction Authority changed its name to Dezhou Construction Bureau.


The company changed its name to Dezhou Construction Engineering Company of Shandong Provincial Construction Department.


The company merged with the Dezhou Commission Construction Bureau to form an organization merging government administration with enterprise management.


The name of Dezhou Regional Construction Engineering Company was officially open to the public.


Dezhou Regional Construction Engineering Company became an independent production enterprise.

Reform exploration(1978-1995)

Under the guidance of the reform and opening policy, the company carried out active exploration and innovation, implemented an operating contract system, strengthened construction quality management, won the first national high-quality engineering award, and won three in the provincial construction engineering system "winning ten cups" competition. The achievements of gold, silver and bronze have been promoted to a national large (second) level enterprise. They have experienced glory and entered an extremely difficult period for institutional reasons.


In any case, the enterprises will be rectified and the production order will be restored.


The company established the Chuangquanyou Engineering Leading Group and launched the Chuangquanyou Engineering Competition.


The company achieves turning losses into wins through infrastructure construction, maintenance odd jobs and multiple operations.


The municipal party committee adjusted the company's leadership team, the new party committee was composed of five people, and Comrade Wang Shuqin was appointed party secretary.


The company fully implements the manager responsibility system and formulates relevant implementation rules.


The company implements the reform of bidding and contracting, and implements the overall responsibility system of the manager; the 56# dormitory building constructed by the company won the first "National Construction Quality Silver Award" in the company's history; in the same year, the company was awarded the "Dezhou contract and keeping promises" "Enterprise" title.


The company was approved as a national second-tier enterprise, and the company was awarded the title of the first batch of "contract-honoring and trustworthy enterprises" in Shandong Province and was rated as "national advanced construction enterprise".


The company officially became a member unit of "Shandong Foreign Contracted Engineering Corporation", and began to implement the "Project Law" reform pilot throughout the company.


The Texas Construction Group Corporation was formally established.


The head office of the group has been upgraded from a medium-sized (one) enterprise to a large (second) enterprise.

Second undertaking(1995-2015)

We performed broad reforms, operational mechanism transformation, and the first operational mechanism reform of the same industry in Shandong, carried out new strategy and new cultural planning, and established the core philosophy of "making achievements by virtue, wining by credit". Through ISO international quality, environmental and occupational health and safety management system certification, based on the local resources, we expanded the two-tier market outside the province and abroad, and were rated as the national contract-abiding and credit-keeping enterprises, and the Top 100 Growth Enterprises in China's Construction Industry.


The Organization Department of the Dezhou Municipal Party Committee issued a document to appoint Comrade Jin Haiyang as the Deputy Party Secretary and the Deputy General Manager of Dezhou Construction Group Corporation, to preside over the overall work of the party and government, and to exercise the power of legal representative, marking the company's entering the second undertaking period. 


The company implemented the Overall Plan for Enterprise Reform, canceled branches, implemented flat management of the Project Department directly under the corporation, reformed the old management mode, and began to explore the establishment of a new system adaptable to market economy.


The company held the founding assembly of Shandong Dejian Group Co., Ltd., that is the company's first shareholders meeting, passed the articles of association, and elected the first session of board of directors and board of supervisors, marking the company's successful restructuring and one-step foundation. Dezhou Construction Group Corporation was restructured into a limited liability company with individual and collective ownership of internal employees.


The company won the title of First 100 Contract-abiding and Credit-keeping Enterprises in China.


The company started to explore international business, selected key management personnel to construct projects in Saudi Arabia and UAE successively, trained the team and accumulated experience for the company to expand the international market.


The company held a celebration meeting for the 50th anniversary. Comrade Yang Huancai, Director of the Shandong Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-rural Development, and the leaders of Dezhou five major groups attended the meeting to celebrate.


The company passed the "trinity" management system certification of ISO9001 international quality system, ISO14001 international environmental system, and OHSAS28001 international occupational health and safety management system. 


The company held a celebration meeting to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the second undertaking, and invited Peking University professors and planning experts to plan new strategies and new cultures, forming the first complete strategic expression and corporate culture system in the company's history.


The company's headquarters was relocated to the current address of Dejian Building, Dezhou Economic and Technological Development Zone. Comrade Tian Yumao, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee of Dezhou and others attended the opening ceremony of the new office building.


The branches for international projects entered Sudan and Angola markets. Based on this, in the next 10 years, it has successively expanded to more than 10 countries in Africa, and formed the international engineering general contracting, new energy projects, commercial real estate development, international trade, labor service export and other sectors.


Under the promotion of the "South Fusion and North Connection" strategy of Dezhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, the Tianjin branch was formally established, which was the first regional branch set up by the company.


After the Wenchuan Earthquake, the company donated 50 portable houses to the earthquake-stricken areas, the employees donated more than RMB 100,000, and processed 102 portable houses for the earthquake-stricken areas. Besides, a team was also sent to the site for installation.


The company participated in the post-earthquake recovery and reconstruction work of Beichuan as partner assistance, and successively undertook the construction of Baishi Township Project in Beichuan Qiang Autonomous County,Yongchang No.2 Primary School of Beichuan, Beichuan Cultural Center and Beichuan New County Affordable Housing Project, with a total building area of about 80,000 square meters, in which the Baishi Township Project was rated as a "Reconstruction Model", and was set as a leading model by the Aid Office of Sichuan Province. Yongchang No.2 Primary School was the first project to be started and the first completed project among the public infrastructure projects aided by Shandong Province.


The Dezhou New City Complex Building project undertaken by the company won the Luban Award, filling a gap in Dezhou City.


The company held the signing ceremony for information construction and the opening ceremony for information projects, and started to carry out a comprehensive enterprise information construction. In December, the company was rated as Top 100 Growth Enterprises in China's Construction Industry by China Construction Industry Association.


The company held the 60th anniversary celebration. Lan Zhongliang, the First Deputy Director of the Dezhou Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee, Yuan Xiuhe, Chairman of Dezhou CPPCC, and Zhai Changsheng, Deputy Mayor of Dezhou, attended the celebration. In December, the company won the National May 1st Labor Certificate of Merit.


The company started the operation planning and promotion startup conference, and cooperated with Panchengde Company to carry out enterprise management planning and promotion.


The Dezhou New City Complex Building project undertaken by the company won the Luban Award, filling a gap in Dezhou City. The company's board of directors proposed nine comprehensive strategic layouts in the 2019 Annual Shareholders' and Employees' Representatives Conference, namely "coordinating two major industries of building construction and capital operation, coordinating local, domestic and foreign layouts, and coordinating four plans of operation mode, human resources, capital operation, and corporate culture". In June, the company was promoted to a special grade enterprise for general contracting of housing construction, and the International Business Department was officially established. In July, the company held a scientific and technological innovation and technology development conference.

High-quality development(2015-present)






























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