special grade enterprise of general contracting of building engineering construction. It is a modern construction group integrating investment and development,
Current Position:
company culture

Company Culture


Core Philosophy:

Make achievements by virtue, win by credit

Enterprise vision:
Unremitting self-improvement, hundred years Dejian

Enterprise mission:

Create values for customers, create opportunities for employees,

create wealth for shareholders, and create prosperity for society

Enterprise spirit:

Pragmatic, fulfil Dejian, innovative, and strive for excellence.

Enterprise style:
Efficient, pragmatic, explosive, and persistent

Operation philosophy:
Big strategy, big market, and big brand

Product concept:
Quality, safety, humanity, and environmental protection

Quality philosophy:

Product is character, quality is life.


Human-oriented ideology:
Understand people, respect people, trust people, and fulfil people

Management philosophy:
Strengthen the body and consolidate the foundation, exquisite and strict

Safety philosophy:

Care for life, and care for environment.

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