Special grade enterprise of general contracting of building engineering construction. It is a modern construction group integrating investment and development,
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Shandong Hi-speed Dejian Group Co., Ltd ,is an enterprise with special grade qualification in general contracting of housing construction .It is a modernized construction group integrating investment and development, survey and design,building construction, capitaloperation , international engineering & trade and architectural industrialization. It was selected as one of China's Top 200 Competitive Construction Enterprises and ENR's Top 250 International Construction Contractors for many years .

Founded in 1953, Dejian group was originally a local state-owned enterprise, which was restructured into a joint-stock enterprise in 1999.It has more than 30 branch (subsidiary) companies and regional companies, with a registered capital of 520 million Yuan,a total asset of over 10 billion Yuan, and more than 3000 engineering technology and economic management personnel.It has the special grade qualification of housing /building general contracting,Grade A qualification of municipal project general contracting and a number of Grade A qualifications for specialized project contracting . And it possesses the qualifications of contracting international projects,exporting labor service with right to be involved in foreign trades and EPC for Completed Foreign-aid Projects.

Over the years, Dejian group has been adhering to the core concept of "to make achievements with morality, to realize success with credit" and the quality concept of "the quality of products equals to the quality of human beings". The domestic market has formed several major business areas in Shandong province, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Trans-Provincial Region and Northwest & Southwest of China. Its business covers more than 10 provinces and cities.The international market involves more than 20 countries in Asia,Europe,Africa and Latin America. It has contributed tens of thousands of construction products of “Quality,Safety,Humanism, Environmentalism ”to the society. By the end of 2019, it has obtained more than 20 Luban awards, national quality engineering awards, national architectural decoration awards, China installation star and other national level awards.Moreover,Dejian group has fully and partially edited 15 construction industry standards and obtained nearly one hundred national patents.

Dejian group was successively granted the honors of" National First Batch of Enterprises with Credit"," National Labor Medal", "National Advanced Construction Enterprises" ,"National Outstanding Construction Corporation ", "National Credit Grade AAA Construction Enterprise ", "China International Contracting Credit Grade AAA Enterprise".

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